What were your feelings or attitudes about attending this weekend and how have these changed? Please explain: 

- We were reluctant at first to come but once we arrived our attitude changed.  We really enjoyed our time and reaffirmed our decision to marry and learn about each other.

- We were uncertain and skeptical about what we were going into.  We enjoyed our weekend, and think it was worthwhile.

- At first we arrived feeling that this was a requirement, while throughout the weekend we grew with each other & to enjoy this experience.

 - I was not looking forward to this at all.  After it's over, I am emotionally drained, but feel closer to my finance.

 -Apprehensive before and now grateful.

 -Excited & anticipatory - our expectations were met well beyond what we expected, extremely valuable to us.

 - Ready to see how it would all work out ...... it was enlightening.


What did you find on the weekend that most helped and/or affected your relationship as a couple? 


- It helped us clarify our values, traditions & thoughts about our marriage.

- To always be open and communicate with each other & how to forgive & how to diffuse an argument.

- It was helpful to spend time in reflection of our relationship together.  Time we rarely take on our own.

- Learning about natural family planning was helpful.

- Writing down the answers/thoughts first and then discussing it was extremely helpful.  It gives time to think and gather your thoughts.

- We were able to communicate about the things we had not talked about yet - mainly how we were going to spend our holidays.                   

- Keep a good focus.

- Betrothal, life giving & intimacy.

- Very peaceful.  There was good examples and bad examples and both were helpful.


 How were you affected by the religious or spiritual dimension to this weekend? (e.g. the Religious, Mass, Prayer service, team’s faith, etc.)

-We enjoyed being able to find a place for spiritual in our engagement away from work, family influences and everyday life.

-I enjoyed Mass very much.  Very impressed with the sisters.  The monastery was very nice.

-Makes us remember when we attended church & the importance of attending & being involved.

-Opened the door for future education of the Catholic Faith.

-The team’s faith is really inspiring.

- It brought us closer together with God.  Mass was almost overwhelming for me.

- Relaxed and happy to be a part of it.

- It was good having quiet prayer time together, away from everything.

-We learned how to pray together as a couple.

How would you evaluate this weekend overall and are there any other comments you would like to make?


-We think the weekend was great and are very thankful we got to enjoy and participate in this experience.

-It was a nice weekend, it was a good exercise in communication.

- Overall a good learning experience though a little corny at times.

-Overall this weekend helped bring us closer together.  We learned how to communicate better.  Great job!

- More activities.  We take LOTS of breaks, maybe a team building exercise that would allow us to get up, move around and take a break from writing.

- Very good experience.

- Very helpful & touching to us.


Would you recommend an Engaged Encounter weekend to other couples preparing for marriage?

100%  yes